Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Exploring drawing and painting centers

"The essential goal of art teaching is to inspire children to behave like feel what it is to gather an art idea on one's own and act on reveal to children that art comes from within themselves, not from the teacher."  
George Szekely

This quote supports students in their own process of discovery and inquiry based learning. Students will get to explore various genres and mediums in art surrounded by a theme like imagination or seasons.  They create art that shows the theme using various materials they have been introduced to throughout the year.  Students get to share their work and get positive feedback from their peers.  This approach to learning meets the child where they are at developmentally and gives them confidence in their abilities.
You may notice artwork coming home as students explore various centers.  Here are some questions you may ask your child about their artwork:

  • Why did you make it?
  • How did you make it?
  • Where did you get the idea?
  • What kinds of materials did you use?
  • Which part are you the proudest of?
  • What would you like to try next?

We are beginning to open the drawing and painting centers in art.  Below are some pictures of the beautiful artwork that is coming from student's exploration of the materials.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fall Art Workshops at Hollymead

I will be hosting fall art workshops at Hollymead this fall starting next week!
Workshops will run right after school until 4:00 in the art room.
There will be a limit of 15 students per class so sign up soon to be enrolled!

September 12th & 19th-Drawing club
September 26th & October 3rd-Painting club
October 10th & 17th-Glass fusing club
October 24th & 31st-Clay club
December 5th & 12th-Holiday crafts

Please click HERE to find out more information!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

True Colors

This year I wanted the art room bulletin board to start off with a cheery, colorful and fun theme to brighten the spirits of our students and community here in Cville.  We have been watching a lot of Trolls at our house this summer and I was inspired by the colorful animation and 80's throwbacks!
So I sketched out a design for our first art lessons for the year with a collaborative work of art.

After touring the art room, each grade level was assigned a different part of the bulletin board to complete.
Preschool helped make the borders
Kindergarten drew hearts on colored squares

First grade drew self portraits on colored squares
Second grade drew patterns, designs and words on warm sunny colors
Third grade drew raindrops and added patterns and designs with crayons, then painting on top with watercolors
Fourth grade drew tie dye flowers with oil pastels, then pulled the oil pastels out from the middle to give a starburst/corona look, then they cut them out with fancy scissors
Fifth grade did the activity below as a collaborative work of art to help make the border-I used this Getting to Know Each Other activity that I made up for kids to learn about each other and then follow directions to make art.  Notice how each border strip is different!  I am definitely doing this activity again!

And here is our final masterpiece!  It turned out beautiful and makes me so happy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy New Year!

We've been off to a great start in the art room at Hollymead.  In second through fifth grade we made beautiful class weavings using paper strips that included information about us.  Students wrote or drew their name, their favorite food, character, ice cream flavor, an animal or creature, a shape, something from nature and a pattern.  They all are so beautiful and provide information about who we all are and we all come together as a woven group full of similarities and differences.  These weavings are up around the building outside of each classroom.

Students in preschool, kindergarten and first grade made a quilt full of hearts in a rainbow pattern.  Again showing our love of art and how different we all are.  This paper quilt is up by the art room.  It's so lovely to look at!

We also celebrated Dot Day on September 15th"ish"!  This is an International celebration where people create art with the theme of dots to "make our mark" on the world and celebrate our creativity.
This year we made dot mobiles that are hanging in the front of the school right when you walk in.  Each grade level had a different theme ranging from Kandinsky, Mondrian, Keith Haring, Matisse, Miro, Optical illusions and mandalas.  I hope we can leave them up for awhile!  They look so pretty as you come in and leave the building.

We are currently working on our Square 1 Art fundraiser.  We are focusing on the theme of birds this year.  We are also learning how to create collages.  Be on the lookout in November for your child's FREE sheet of stickers and order form.  All orders will arrive in December, just in time for the holidays!  A portion of the proceeds supports our art room and specifically pays for our clay and glaze orders, which everyone loves!

Thursday, March 3, 2016